Top Quality Service Center for Your Terminal Tractors

Turbo Sales & Leasing has its roots in service and repair as a former truck repair center. This experience is an advantage for our customers because few dealerships have our depth of knowledge and skill sets in maintenance of TICO tractors, Terminal Tractors and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Our superior service department is part of our pledge to keep our customers up and running with zero downtime for the terminal tractors that they purchase and lease from our dealership. While we may handle some outside repair work, our primary focus is to provide ongoing support to our customers who own or lease terminal tractors from our dealership.

Full-Service TICO Dealership and Certified Cummins Expert

As an authorized TICO dealership, Turbo Sales & Leasing is fully certified in the repair and maintenance of all-American TICO Pro-spotter terminal tractors.

We also are an authorized Cummins dealership for terminal tractor warranty work and repair.


Our 22-bay Fleet Maintenance Center is dedicated to servicing and keeping your terminal tractors running smoothly. We perform on-site preventative maintenance as well as federal D.O.T. inspections.

Fleet Maintenance Monitoring Program

Under our fleet monitoring program, your leased terminal tractors are equipped with Geo Tabs that allow us to remotely monitor the operational performance of your fleet – 24/7. If one of your terminal tractors has a low DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) level or simply needs repair, we find out immediately and will send a service team directly to your site. Also, when our service team arrives, there is no wasted time conducting diagnostics or having to order parts – it’s already done by the time we respond.

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Terminal Tractor PARTS INVENTORY

Turbo carries an expansive inventory of terminal tractor parts to handle all service needs and warranty protection. In fact, we carry one of the most varied selection of terminal tractor parts and equipment anywhere in the United States.

Our wide selection includes Cummins parts for warranty service and repair for TICO terminal tractors. We also carry parts for Ottawa and other brand-name terminal tractors.

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Our 50-member staff includes technicians who are all ASE certified – the top certification awarded by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence for diesel and heavy-equipment technology repair and maintenance.

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