Turbo Sales & Leasing

With an inventory of over 250 terminal tractors on-site, Turbo is always ready to sell or lease your next TICO or other tractor brand. Rugged Durability Terminal tractors are the workhorses at warehouses, ports and rail yards across the country. Their maneuverability – the ability to quickly attach a trailer and move loads back and forth within tight confines – is perhaps their greatest attribute. Known for their rugged durability, these vehicles go by various nicknames such as Yard Dogs, Yard Goats, Mules, Spotters and Jockeys. Innovative Rotation Leasing Program Turbo sells and leases TICO Pro-Spotters as well as other terminal tractor brands. At the heart of our leasing program is our popular New Every Two leasing plan. Focusing on maximum uptime for our customers, we replace each terminal tractor in this leasing program with a new one on a two-year cycle. Preventative maintenance and back-up terminal tractors are two key aspects of our leasing programs. We equip each of our leased tractors with Geotab GPS tracking devices to inform us at any minute of potential maintenance issues. Our No. 1 goal is to prevent downtime from any terminal tractor in operation with our clients. TERMINAL TRACTOR SALES & LEASING PROGRAMS

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